Angels Win Arbitration Case Against Jered Weaver – R.I.P. J Dilla

By Unknown author

The Angels won their arbitration case against Jered Weaver it was announced today. The Halos ace will make $7.365 million dollars for the 2011 season. As we said yesterday the Angels should work quickly to sign Weaver to a long term deal.

On a non baseball related noted today is the 5th anniversary of the death of  legendary music producer J Dilla.  Dilla was one of the greatest producers of all time and is the man behind some of the greatest songs hip hop music has ever heard.  His music was so profound and soulful that he was described by many as an Angel on earth . In fact the opening line in his bio reads ” James DeWitt Yancey “came across like an angel on earth,” singer and songwriter Steve “Spacek” White told Fader magazine in 2006. Most people tend to speak of him this way. His contributions to music were indeed felt as angelic.