50 Greatest Angels List Is Complete – And The Friday Links

By Unknown author

The Orange County Register put together a 15 person panel of media  and Angels employees to select the 50 greatest Angels of all time. This is no easy task. The Angels will celebrate their 50th anniversary this season so there is a ton of players and personnel to mull over. By and large the team did a great job but naturally there was  a glaring omission from the list.  Noticeably missing from the top 50 Angels of all time  was my favorite Angel as a  kid  Devon White ( the man is the reason I played CF).

Nolan Ryan was named the greatest Angel of all time.I would have went with Tim Salmon ( who was #2)  but you can’t really argue against the impact Ryan made.

You can view the full 50 greatest Halos list here.

Onto the Friday links.

In non related news, it’s All – Star weekend here in LA so the groupies are out in full force.  For those of you who are local or planning to visit LA this weekend,  if you’re over six feet tall be careful!