AL West All Division Team Is Final – And The Monday Links

By Unknown author

The votes are in, and the Al West All Division Team is final.  We got it right. The other AL West bloggers ( Nolan WritinSodo Mojo Swingin A’s ) by and large concurred with the team we submitted.

Here is the final AL West team with vote tallies. This team will  be pitted against the rest of baseballs divisional  teams and put to a fan vote in order to crown the major leagues best division. Be sure to check back for a link to the poll which is coming soon.

Position Players

  • C-Kurt Suzuki (OAK) Received 3 votes
  • 1B-Kendry Morales (LAA) Received 3 votes
  • 2B-Ian Kinsler (TEX) Received 3 votes
  • 3B-Adrian Beltre (TEX) Received 4 votes
  • SS-Elvis Andrus (TEX) Received 4 votes
  • OF-Josh Hamilton (TEX) Received 4 votes
  • OF-Ichiro Suzuki (SEA) Received 4 votes
  • OF-Nelson Cruz (TEX) Received 3 votes
  • DH-Torii Hunter (LAA) Received 4 votes


  • SP-Felix Hernandez (SEA) Received 4 votes
  • SP-Jered Weaver (LAA) Received 4 votes
  • SP-Brett Anderson (OAK) Received 4 votes
  • SP-Dan Haren (LAA) Received 3 votes
  • SP-Trevor Cahill (OAK) Received 3 votes
  • Setup-Scott Downs (LAA) Received 3 votes
  • Closer-Neftali Feliz (TEX) Received 4 votes

This team should do well once voting kicks off.

Onto the Monday Links