Tuesday Twitter Stalking – Vernon Wells Will Be Taking Notes On How To Win A Championship

By Unknown author

Fellas , I’m sure most of you have been there. Your girl hacking into your Myspace ( circa 2005) Facebook or Twitter profile and demanding you to explain yourself ! What’s generally innocent and playful can often be misconstrued.  In true psycho girlfriend fashion we’re introducing a new series here at the Hangout. “Tuesday Twitter Stalking”. Only we wont cut up your jeans or throw your stuff out on the lawn.. We’re just stalking for fun. ?

We’ll take a peek at the Angels latest tweets and find the most interesting ones to post on most Tuesdays.

Kicking off the inaugural Twitter Stalking is the newest Halo Vernon Wells. Vernon Tweeted at former Blue Jays Teamate and CSUF star Ricky Romero

"@RickyRo24Silly Ricky….I’ll be taking notes on how to win a championship…WooWoo. Miss you man!"

Vernon appears to make a  subtle dig at Ricky joking of his new found status on a contender now that he is out of the T DOT.

You have to love the mind set Wells appears to be in (most of his Tweets and comments have been about winning) , but can someone hook Vernon up with a new Angels Twitter background already?  The Blue Jay colors  are not a good look.

One last thing. Check out the picture above.

What is going on there? Feel free to leave your thoughts on  a clever caption in the comment area.

I’ll go first:

  • ” Welcome to Spring Training guys.. Raise your hand if you used to play Center Field”