Poll Question: Stephen Paea Breaks NFL Bench Record: Who Is The Angels Strongest Man?

By Unknown author

I graduated from Oregon State University, so aside from the Angels, Lakers and Rams,  the Beavers are my other sporting passion. For years now Beaver Nation has known about the brute strength of defensive tackle Stephen Paea. He wowed YouTube with a jaw dropping power display back  in 2010 , so it was no shock when Paea broke the NFL bench record by pressing 225 pounds 49 times this weekend!

Paea’s  exploits had me thinking this morning.. who is the Angels strong man? Mike Napoli may have been an obvious choice but as we know he is now in Texas. So of the current Angels, who do you think is the teams strongest player?

Feel free to vote below, we’ve added the top candiates with height and weight as a helper.

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