Floyd And Manny’s Refusal To Fight Prove Why Muhammad Ali Is The Greatest And The Friday Links

By Unknown author

The Angels received a bit of a surprise on Wednesday when Muhammad Ali ,the greatest fighter of all time paid them a visit in the locker room. The players were giddy to meet Ali as you can tell in the picture above.  Not only was Ali a supremely talent fighter but he fought everyone!! This weeks revelation that the much anticipated Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao may never happen should really shine the light on what a GREAT fighter Ali was. He fought anyone who came in his path. Never would Ali exhibit the back pedaling shennaigans we are seeing with Floyd and Manny today. Their refusal to make the fight that every hard core and even casual boxing fan wants to see happen is black eye for the sport. It’s a disgrace to guys like Ali, Leonard, Sugar Ray Robinson and the guys that came before them whose motto was more “anytime any place” than it was “cut the check”.

All Hail The King!

Onto The Friday Links: