Tuesday Twitter Stalking : Howie Kendrick Confirms Wells Stalker Was Not Attractive And That Baseball Really Is A Full Time Job

By Unknown author

This weeks Twitter Stalking installment takes us into the mind of Angels second basemen Howie Kendrick. Howie blesses us with a semi vivid portrait of Vernon Wells’ stalker and confirms that ball players do put in work tweeting

"I definitely wish I hadn’t seen Vernon’s stalker. Nightmares….."

Howie then Tweets about the typical day at the park for a big league ball player.

"I got to the stadium at 7:40am this morning won’t be leaving until about 4:00pm. We put in about 9hrs easily at the stadium."

Howie’s Twitter game is on point. I’m expecting a big year from Kendrick that will match his Tweet prowess.

The Tuesday “ Twitter Stalking” series at the Halo Hangout takes a look at the best recent Tweets from Angels players and personnel. The word “stalking” is used solely for entertainment purposes and to mock the behavior of crazy ex girlfriends worldwide. Only we wont cut up your jeans or throw your stuff out on the lawn.. We’re just stalking for fun.