Torii Hunter’s Walk Up Song (Lil Wayne’s Dinnertime) – Ranks # 8 On Spinner Top 20 List

By Unknown author

“They said I couldn’t play football I was too small.
They say I couldn’t play basketball I wasn’t tall.
They say I couldn’t play baseball at all.
And now everyday of my life I ball. ”

You hear it every time Torii Hunter steps to the plate at Angels Stadium. The lyrics are from a song called “Dinnertime” by Lil Wayne. For his  appropriate song choice Torii’s tune was ranked the  8th best walk-up song by Spinner.  The precarious song choices of  Mark Teahen ( Justin Beiber’s Baby) and Nick Johnson ( Miley’s Party In The USA) muck up an otherwise solid list.

What song would you step up to the plate to?  For me personally the choice is super difficult….I love too many songs. At the end of the day the purpose of a good walk up song is to get you amped ( but not too amped) and focused. Because of  that  fact,  for me the choice is easy. It’s 1998 and the West Coast is being pummeled by a storm known simply as El Nino. As a fresh faced  freshman, I went to Oregon State straight  from sunny California. Needless to say the endless pounding rain and cloudy skies made it hard to get out of bed for some of those 8-9 Am. classes. My roommate and I (rather miraculously at the time) master minded a way to rig our CD alarm clock to play the one song that got us going and ready to take on the world. Adrenaline by The Legendary Roots Crew.

So that would be my walk up song  as I stepped to the plate for battle.

What song  you got?