Tuesday Twitter Stalking: Vernon Wells Loves The Haters

By Unknown author

Vernon Wells is the hottest Angel right now. Both at the plate and on Twitter. Wells has  begun to rebound from an awful start to the season and is currently in the midst of a 5-12 stretch and a mini 5 game hitting streak. So naturally Wells took to Twitter this week to fire back at his critics Tweeting

"I love how people panic after two weeks of the season. Never panic, always persevere! Too blessed to be stressed."

While its encouraging to know that Wells feels like his slump is behind him, Halo fans still have a lot to panic about when it comes to Vernon’s performance. Hot stretch included he is still hitting just .169/.217/.231 with no home runs and 2 RBI’s. While I love the confidence from Vernon he certainly isn’t out of the Brandon Wood”s” yet.

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