Tuesday Twitter Stalking: The Vernon Wells Stalker Saga Moves West And Jered Weaver Is “The Poo”

By Unknown author

 Well its that time of the week again. In this weeks Twitter Stalking installment we learn that Vernon Wells’ stalker from Spring Training has made her way further west. Vernon also uses “The poo” as a family friendly version of  “The sh**” to describe Jered Weaver. I guess these are the type of verbal shennanigans  people resort to when they have kids?

"We win! Weav is the poo!! And my stalker made it out west!! C’mon man!!"

  • The Tuesday “ Twitter Stalking” series at the Halo Hangout takes a look at the best recent Tweets from Angels players and personnel. The word “stalking” is used solely for entertainment purposes and to mock the behavior of crazy ex girlfriends worldwide. Only we wont cut up your jeans or throw your stuff out on the lawn.. We’re just stalking for fun.