The Artist Formerly Known As Kendry Seeks Second Opinion On Ankle

By Unknown author

The Kendrys Morales saga took yet another turn Sunday as the Halos announced that Morales will travel to Vail Colorado (gasp) to get a second opinion on his injured ankle. As far as injuries go, getting a second opinion usually is not a good thing. Apparently someone feels there is a mis-diagnosis or that the injury is not healing as rapidly as the original prognosis. Despite this fact, Mike Scioscia somehow feels that Kendrys getting a second opinion will somehow put him back on the field sooner.

“It is just to get piece of mind for him and where his rehab is going, and see if any opinions could help him move ahead more rapidly,” said Scioscia.

Hmmm.. Sounds strange to me but I hope you’re right Mike. The silver lining in this could be that Kendrys is not trusting the surgically repaired ankle/foot enough and that the Angels are allowing him to seek a second confirmation that he is healthy enough to resume running and baseball activities at full speed. Only time will tell when and if we see Morales return to the field this year. The only thing that remains clear at the moment is that Kendry’s status is unclear.