2 Reasons Why Intentional Walks To Mark Trumbo Will Be A Good Thing

By Unknown author

Two times last night Mark Trumbo stepped to the plate with runners on,  first base open, and both times Ozzie Guillen  made the smart baseball move and intentionally walked him.

Why is this brilliant you ask?

 Because Jeff Mathis and his career .198 bating average was the man  hitting behind Trumbo. This was simply a smart baseball move by Guillen. The result was Mathis ( as expected) stranded 5 base runners and the White Sox were able to minimize damage in what ended up being a 6-2 win for the Angels

After my initial frustration  of Scioscia not only continuing to play Mathis but also inexplicably hitting him behind Trumbo,  I was actually kind of glad this happen nonetheless it happen twice. I had epiphany of sorts while glaring into Ozzie’s eyes through my Rally Mask from section 110.

These intentional walks to Trumbo can be good for the Angels and heres’ why:

By walking Trumbo not once but twice,  Ozzie Guillen  is basically saying to Mike  Scioscia..( in his awesome voice)  “Hey if you’re going to bat someone who hits like a pitcher ( Jeff Mathis) behind your best power threat ( Mark Trumbo) then  I’m going to walk him every time there is a base open”.

The good news for Angel fans is that  if other managers follow in Ozzie’s foot steps this move has the potential to accomplish two thing that we all want to see .

1. Scioscia will have to play Hank Conger or even Bobby Wilson more
2. Scioscia will hit Trumbo higher in the order

The long term effects are both good for the Angels.

Ulitmately what Guillen’s intentional walks to Trumbo illustrate is not only how lightly regarded Jeff Mathis is as a hitter, but the move also shows that word and scouting around the league is getting out about Trumbo. Dude is a legit threat and he should only get better as the season progresses.

  • Notes:  Howie Kendrick will make his second career star in left field tonight as Scioscia makes the right move by keeping the Fearsome Foursome  in tact as we hoped for in yesterday’s post.