Tuesday Twitter Stalking : Bobby Wilson Gives Yet Another Endorsment For Bridesmaids

By Unknown author

Every so often there comes along a movie that haunts you. You see the trailer and say to yourself: ” That Idea is Played Out”… Or… “I ll catch that one on Netflix”. But then as fate has it – every where you go , and seemingly anyone with an audible voice tells you: “Dude.. You gotta  check that **** out …funniest / best movie of the year.”

For me that movie has become Bridesmaids. A movie I was initially not planning to watch because-  how funny could a female version of the Hangover really be? I mean chicks cant possibly have more fun and debauchery filled times than the fellas would in Vegas right? Well apparently I was wrong. Lately, any casual conversation I’ve had has resulted in me being demanded to go check out Bridesmaids. Well the demanding spread to Twitter Stalking as Angels catcher Bobby Wilson  also recommends the  Chick Comedy Tweeting :

"Ya’ll gotta check out #bridesmaids. It was pretty funny."

Looks like I’ll be hitting up the Theatre pre – Memorial Day Hangover 2 weekend.

  • Obligatory Baseball Take :  Bobby Wilson needs to play more. He’s better offensively than Mathis and he seems like a cool cat to boot.

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