Will The Angels Ever Win Again? Jered Weaver Takes Hill Looking To Stop Losing Streak

By Unknown author

I’d be lying if I said I was engaged with the Angels lately. Their play of late has been uninspiring. Gone is the excitement of years past,  the hit and run , the steals, the first to third the “yea they are down by 3 runs but you know they’ll come back at some point”.


Something is missing with this club and sadly I don’t see it returning any time soon – barring a trade deadline miracle or a sudden awakening at the plate with runners in scoring position.  Get em on – get em over –  get em in – used to be the Halos motto. Nowadays its more like get em on ……….. and watch em sit. Instead of expecting the club to score on the lead-off double or lead-off triple ( as was the case last night) you instead find yourself watching to see how the Angels can manage to ruin  another golden run scoring opportunity. I’ll give them credit for one thing – they get more creative at blowing scoring chances every time.

End Rant.