The Mike Trout Era Begins Today! Well Kind Of…

By Unknown author

There’s some things that just cant be stopped. Lil Wayne from shouting “Young Money” in every 5th word of every song. Mike Scioscia saying ” turn the page” after every Angels loss and Mike Trout from reaching the big leagues. The most recent and latter of the unstoppable happened late last night when as a result of Peter Bourjos suffering a hamstring injury (while running out his 8th inning double) the Angels announced they were promoting Super Prospect Mike Trout to the big leagues.

At just 19 years old Trout will become the youngest player in the Majors. While it remains to be seen how long Bourjos is out (he may just be day to day) the immediate indication is that Trout will likely start in Center-field tonight and make his major league debut. Watching Trout personally in Spring Training earlier this year I’d wager its highly likely he has some early success. He is already a fairly polished hitter in terms of approach and game plan and his game changing speed will become an instant asset to the Halos. If Trout shows well look for him to settle into a 4th outfielder role playing 2-3 times a week  potentially even when Bourjos gets healthy.

Whats more likely however is that Trout will be sent to AAA once Bourjos is fully healed and then again be called up in September. Whatever the long term outlook maybe –  this is one big league debut you wont want to miss.

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