Tuesday Twitter Stalking: Bobby Wilson Is Doing The All Star Break Big In Vegas

By Unknown author

It’s Tuesday and we’re just a few hours away from Jered Weaver taking the hill for your American League All Stars. While Angels All Stars  Kendrick , Walden and Weaver are in Phoenix for the All Star game the rest of the Angels are scattered around the globe on family vacations , romantic getaways and quick trips to Vegas.Yes the latter is true as we find out in this weeks installment of Twitter Stalking – Bobby Wilson is doing it big in Vegas!

Wilson Tweets:

"@BW46bobby wilsonPeepshow at Planet Hollywood was pretty good last night. @hollymadison put on a good show!!!3 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone"

Atta boy Bobby!

Sometimes there’s nothing that can clear a man’s mind like looking at big giant fake boobies and pretending you’re there for the entertainment value. See you Friday buddy.

The Tuesday “ Twitter Stalking” series at the Halo Hangout takes a look at the best recent Tweets from Angels players and personnel. The word “stalking” is used solely for entertainment purposes and to mock the behavior of crazy ex girlfriends worldwide. Only we wont cut up your jeans or throw your stuff out on the lawn.. We’re just stalking for fun.