Terry Smith Leaks Potential Lineup Changes Vs. Twins: Will Scioscia Make The Right Moves?

By Unknown author

I’m not entirely sure why I listen to the Stephen A Smith Show.  Maybe it’s the fact I find it hilarious that no matter how nice and cordial his callers try to be with him, Stephen A still manages to somehow punk them every-time.

  • Caller Jim: ” Hey Steven A. Love the show…Your’e the Man bro”
  • Stephen A: ” Yea Ok Jim… what do you want!”

Ok maybe I have a weird sense of humor but that  is just funny to me.

Anyways while tuning into the Stephen A Show yesterday I had a chance to catch his interview with Angels Radio voice Terry Smith. While discussing the Weaver – Verlander Aftermath and the current state of the Angels – Smith dropped what could potentially be some inside information.

In closing the interview Terry proclaimed that the lineup for tonight’s opener with the Twins will change. Saying:

"” There’s gonna be some movement in our batting order… I think Mike is going to juggle some pieces around differently”"

This has been a long time coming. The lineup has needed to be changed for months. The only concern is if Scioscia does “shake up” the batting order will he make the right adjustments? Even when the Angels had better offensive personnel Scioscia still rolled out lineups that had Maicer Izturis in the 3rd and 4th positions.

So what will he do now?

Here is how the lineup should shake out as I see it:

  •  Erick Aybar – SS
  • Alberto Callaspo/ Maicer Izturis  – 3B
  • Howie Kendrick –  2B
  • Mark Trumbo – 1B
  • Torii Hunter – RF
  • Bobby Abreu – RF
  • Vernon Wells – LF
  • Peter Bourjos – CF
  • Jeff Mathis/ Bobby Wilson – C

With the lineup above – Scioscia’s insistence on keeping the veteran “core” of Hunter – Abreu and Wells bunched together is pacified. The Angels would also  FINALLY put their most productive hitters on the team Aybar (.743 OPS) – Callaspo (.736 OPS) – Kendrick (.807 OPS)  – Trumbo (.777 OPS) in the top four positions of the batting order (not exactly rocket science).

Lets hope Terry Smith was right and Scioscia does shake up the Angels batting order –  it’s been long overdue. Whether or not Scioscia makes the right lineup tweaks is what remains to be seen. Change for the sake of change gets you nowhere.