Alberto Callaspo’s Batting Tip Helps Abreu Power Angels Over Yankees

By Unknown author

Baseball is a game of timing. Pitchers need to execute the right pitch – at the right time. Hitters need to time a pitchers fastball or stay back on off speed pitches – and base runners need to time a pitcher’s delivery to the plate in order to get a good jump.

On Tuesday night in New York – it was Bobby Abreu’s time.

Mired in a season long power slump –  Abreu awoke from his slumber in time to hit two huge home runs that keyed the Angels 6-4 victory over the Yankees.

The two dingers were just Abreu’s 5th and 6th of the season. After the game when speaking with FSN’s Jose Mota –  Abreu credited

hitting coach Mickey Hatcher

teammate Alberto Callaspo for tweaking his approach with his back hitting leg. Abreu said Callaspo noticed that Abreu’s back leg appeared to be coming off the ground causing Bobby to reach instead of drive through the ball. Bobby made the adjustment to keep his back leg planted and presto! Two home runs – an Angels victory – and a small glimmer of hope that  Abreu can keep hitting down the stretch.

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