Season On The Brink As Rangers Show The Angels Who’s Boss

By Unknown author

It’s rare in baseball for a team to just be punked and bullied off the field. That physical domination is usually reserved for the more traditional contact sports like football or basketball. However as the last two nights  at Angels stadium have shown – teams can be punked in baseball too. The Rangers have man-handled the Angels in route to two consecutive victories which have resulted in a 6 game cushion in the AL west. Despite the Angels being at home , being the team with greater desperation and being the team that needs these games more than Texas it has been the Rangers that have gone out and played with more passion and intensity. While it hasn’t helped that the Halos have trotted out two not ready for prime time rookies to the mound – the numbers illustrate a clear offensive talent gap that make the Rangers a much better team.

  • The Angels have been outscored 15 to 7
  • The Angels have been out hit 31 to 18
  • The Angels have been out homered 3 to 1

Ervin Santana takes the hill opposite CJ Wilson tonight looking to give a lifeless – defeated group of Halos a  revival shot in the arm. The season is on the brink – and it doesn’t appear like the Angels are willing to fight  for it.