Carpenter’s Defensive Play Already Among Most Memorable

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J.T. Snow Knows How to Save a Life

What’s The Situation: With J.T. Snow and David Bell on base in the seventh inning of Game 5 in 2002, San Francisco’s Kenny Lofton hit a triple to right center field. Giant manager Dusty Baker’s three-year-old son, Darren, went out to grab Lofton’s bat as the Giants runners rounded the bases.

What Happened: On his way across home plate, J.T. Snow, with Derek Bell coming up quickly from behind, scooped the little Baker bat-boy up by his oversized black jacket. Snow was known as an elite defensive first-baseman and he showed his range in the heat of this moment.

What It Meant: Young Darren was not injured and is a perfectly healthy soon-to-be thirteen-year-old boy today. Dusty’s Giants lost series in seven games to the then Anaheim Angels. To this day, Darren and Dusty are glad to have had angels and Giants watching over him that night.