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Mickey Owen Drops Third Strike

What’s The Situation: The Dodgers were one strike away from tying the 1941 Series with the Yankees at two games apiece.

What Happened: With a 4-3 lead in the top of the 9th inning, Dodger pitcher Hugh Casey had already retired the first two batters and had a 3-2 count on Tommy Henrich. Casey threw a curve ball that Henrich swung and missed, but the ball bounced off Owen’s glove and allowed Henrich to reach base.

What It Meant: This sparked a four-run rally for New York and gave them a 3-1 edge in the Series. The Yanks would finish off Brooklyn the next night to win the Series. The Dodgers would have to wait 14 more years before finally winning the Series. Despite the error, Owen was still able to open the “Mickey Owen Baseball School” in 1959, and it still exists to this day.