Carpenter’s Defensive Play Already Among Most Memorable

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Willie McGee Phones Home

What’s The Situation: Tied up 1-1, St. Louis and Milwaukee had played a first game blowout in favor of the Brewers and a close game settled by a bases loaded walk for the Cardinals.

What Happened: Bruce Sutter took the mound to be the finishing touches on Game 3 for the Cardinals. He would work himself into some trouble as Brewers left fielder Ben Oglivie would reach base on an error by normally surehanded first baseman Keith Hernandez.  Gorman Thomas attempted to pull the Crew a bit closer but his ball that would have left the park in centerfield was brought back by St. Louis’s own extra-terrestrial, Willie McGee.

What It Meant: The catch, along with two home runs from McGee gave the Cards a 6-2 victory and a two games to one advantage. They would go on to win the entertaining series in seven games.