Peter Gammons: Tony Reagins Knew The Blue Jays Would Flip Napoli To Texas

By Unknown author

I seriously thought my days of criticizing Tony Reagins had come to an end when the man resigned or stepped down or was fired earlier this fall. But nope. I was wrong. In an MLB.COM story  by Peter Gammons the claim is made that Reagins was fully aware that Mike Napoli would end up in Texas:

"About a year after former general manager Tony Reagins confided that he had a pretty good idea that when he traded Mike Napoli to Toronto that the Blue Jays would likely flip him to Texas, he and about 10 other Angels employees lost their jobs because they couldn’t see that the Texas Rangers have become an equal power to the Sunday Night Baseball soap regulars of Yankee Stadium and Fenway Park."

If Reagins truly confided this to Gammons he should be ashamed of his own foolishness. This startling revelation could likely lead to him never receiving a prominent role in baseball again. The oversight in letting an extremely valuable player (Napoli) who plays a talent scarce position ( Catcher) knowingly be dealt to your chief division rival is inexcusable. It’s the equivalent to leaving your backdoor open and letting your neighbor jack your flat screen. You must protect this house!

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