Some Early Impressions Of Angels New GM Jerry Dipoto

By Unknown author

So far so good. With just a little over a dozen days on the job Angels General Manager Jerry Dipoto has devised a clear cut plan to bring the Angels back to real contention. In what Im guessing have been a series of conversations with ESPN LA reporter Jim Bowden Dipoto has clearly outlined the Angels off season objectives:


"Angels off-season priorities: 1. RH Impact Closer 2. Starting pitcher 3. Catcher 4. improve OBP in lineup…..this according to Jerry Dipoto14 hours ago via web"

Dipoto also told Bowden not to count the Angels out of the Fielder/Puljos sweepstakes saying:

"“Don’t assume that we have no interest in Fielder or Pujols,” Dipoto said in an interview with baseball analyst Jim Bowden. “We don’t want to lock the door. We are a high-revenue team and I’m a big believer in acquiring impact players. However, they are not our greatest need and are not priority number one on our list.”"

I find Dipoto’s rhetoric straight up and refreshing and heres why:

Unlike his predecessor – Dipoto speaks with conviction about the weaknesses and goals for improving the team. This is not only good for the fan base but also for his dealings with other executives. Tony Reagins usually spoke in generalities politician style saying things like ” were always looking for ways to get better” This politico type speak gives no insight into true objectives for anyone. Unless the teams off season game plan was fully flushed out internally (which clearly it ws not) the lack of a clear mission statement is problematic. Dipoto appears to know the weaknesses (all be they blatantly obvious) and seems hell bent on addressing them. It should be fun to see if action matches his discourse but so far im fully on board.

There is no longer any grey area about who is calling the shots…..and thats a good thing.

"One thing Dipoto made clear was manager Mike Scioscia’s role in player-personnel decisions. Dipoto was asked whether there was any truth to the notion that Scioscia has the final say.“No truth,” he said flatly. “It has been portrayed to me directly by [owner] Arte Moreno, [team president] John Carpino and Mike Scioscia that I have final say in personnel decisions pending ownership approval.“Scioscia’s input, strong opinions and feedback will be weighed significantly. I am fairly certain, like I have my whole life, to work in an environment that understands that everything is a collaboration. That being said, Mike Scioscia has made it clear to me that he understands his role as manager and mine as the senior VP and GM.”"