Jeff Mathis Trade Fallout The Winter Meetings And The Monday Links

By Unknown author

Long suffering Angels fans received their wish over the weekend. You wont have Jeff Mathis to kick around anymore. Mathis was traded to Toronto on Saturday for someone named Brad Mills. The who is inconsequential here –  because the what (no more Jeff Mathis) takes the cake. Mills will likely be sent to AAA to see if can be of any service at the major league level , however the most important aspect of this trade is that Mike Scioscia can no longer play Jeff Mathis.  For his part Mike is probably not happy that his baby is gone but who cares..this is good for you Mike!

By trading Mathis – what Jerry Dipoto has done  for Mike Scioscia is the equivalent of deleting a random girls number from your cell phone. Dipoto has eliminated the temptation. No number …no call.. no Mathis.. no play. Its  all the same.

Onto the Winter Meeting edition of the Monday Links.