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Bobby Grich And Norm Sherry Pimp The Gong Show In 1977


My good friend and editor of Tomahawk Take loves to post classic Braves videos so I decided to climb into the way back machine, a.k.a Youtube, and see what I could dig up on the Angels. The first part of this clip has George Burns, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Rosie Greer (Large Man) and other celebrities endorsing or making fun of the Gong Show.

Angels manager Norm Sherry and blockbuster free agent Bobby Grich even got in on the act. This might be the highlight of the 1977 season for those two. Grich hit .243/.369/.392 but only managed to play in 52 games. The Angels were in a disappointing fifth place on July 11 when Sherry was fired.

They’ll always have this Gong Show intro though.