The Rally Monkey Stars In Psycho

By MJ Lloyd

I live in New Orleans. Before that I lived in Atlanta for 15 years, so I’m not exactly minutes away from the Big A. I managed to catch the Angels series in Atlanta years ago and had a lengthy discussion with former scouting director Eddie Bane. I digress. I’ve never been to a game at Angels Stadium so I’ve been missing out on all of the Rally Monkey videos that are played on the big screen.

Thanks to the wonders of the Interwebs and Youtube, I can watch them second hand. I should really send Al Gore a Honey Baked Ham for inventing all of that stuff. In the above video, the Rally Monkey appears in the famous shower scene of Pyscho.

Why is this the first one I’m posting, you didn’t ask or care about? Simple. As soon as the curtain is pulled back, OOH WA HA HA HA! What an amazing contribution to our society by the band Disturbed.