Mark Trumbo Has A Setback?

By MJ Lloyd

Kinda. Sorta. But not really. After a recent CT scan, Mark Trumbo still has a crack in his foot that he suffered in September. He was hoping to resume baseball activities in November but his progress has been delayed for a second time. However, it turns out Trumbo is right on track after all. His bad. Here’s the quote from the LA Times

"“I don’t think I had a complete picture of the extent of the injury when we first talked about this in late September,” Trumbo said. “It takes about five months to completely heal. But I’m about 3 1/2 months in, we’ve been adding more and more activities, and everything is right where it needs to be.”"

So Trumbo just isn’t very good at math. But he’s still on schedule to recover from the injury. Kinda. Sorta. It sounds like Trumbo will be ready for Spring Training. That wouldn’t be a problem if the Angels weren’t going to try him at third base, a position he hasn’t played professionally. Kendrys Morales is no lock to be ready for Spring Training or the regular season either. Maybe the DH/OF logjam with Trumbo, Morales, Bobby Abreu, Vernon Wells, Torii Hunter and Mike Trout won’t be as complicated as expected.

I assume you’re here for the easy joke, right? Fine. I’ll dance for you. After posting a .291 OBP in 2011, maybe the doctors can teach Trumbo how to walk once they fix his foot.