The Baseball Show Podcast: A New Year

By MJ Lloyd

Last year I was invited to do a baseball podcast with a couple of guys I met through Twitter. Even though I’m somewhat of a crazy person, they invited me back. Now, they’re like family. Last night we recorded our first Baseball Show of the new year and will do a new one every Thursday. It’s a lot of baseball fun and nerdiness so I encourage you to swing by. Clint Evans is the editor at FanSided’s Braves site Tomahawk Take and his own site Diamond Hoggers and Mike Rosenbaum is the mastermind behind The Golden Sombrero.

In the two hours last night we covered a lot of bases. Future podcasts will just be an hour, we had catching up to do. Here’s the rundown I stole from The Golden Sombrero (my laziness knows no bounds)…

"– MJ is the new editor for, so he describes why he’s an Angels fan.– Why are the Braves so willing to ship Prado? How much are they expecting for Jair Jurrjens, and is he really healthy?– Where will Prince Fielder land? Nationals, Mariners or a mystery team?– Why does Ryan Zimmerman fly under the radar? Can the Nationals sign Prince Fielder and ultimately re-sign him?– What is Kenny Williams doing? Are the White Sox rebuilding or contending? Mike shares his frustrations…– The Marlins are officially a team full of nut jobs. Will all of their personalities mesh or are we in store for utter mayhem?– What prospects are we looking to see in 2012? Obviously Matt Moore and Bryce Harper, but who else? Speaking of Harper, it’s always fun to speculate on whether he can break camp with the Nationals.– Most importantly, be sure to tune back in next week as we debut a new series, “Ask MJ” where we will spend 10-20 minutes asking MJ whatever question we want. We welcome any questions from our readers and listeners as well. The more ridiculous, the better. I personally can’t wait."

That last one is a doozy. I may have had an extra Captain and Coke by the time I agreed to “Ask MJ” but here we are. Email your ridiculous questions to Results may vary. Enjoy.