Morales Avoids Arbitration, Might Work Out

By MJ Lloyd

Two down, one to go. The Angels avoided arbitration with Howie Kendrick by extending him with a four-year, $33.5 million deal. Well played, Jerry. Morales was the second arb-eligible Angel to avoid arbitration after signing a one-year deal worth the same $2.975 million he made in 2011 leaving only Erick Aybar scheduled for arbitration. Coming off of a .000/.000/.000 line in 2011, Morales could have seen a pay decrease or a DFA’ing but the Angels are hopeful Kendrys will finally recover from his broken leg. Here are the details or something from Lance Pugmire of the LA Times

"Details of the deal were not immediately available, but it’s believed Morales and the Angels settled on a figure somewhere near his 2011 salary of $3 million. Because he didn’t play in 2011, the team could have slashed his salary by as much as 20%.Morales, who has also undergone a bone graft, currently is participating in some conditioning and baseball-related drills, General Manager Jerry Dipoto told reporters Tuesday, and will work out for Dipoto and others Friday in Arizona."

There is reason to be cautiously optimistic about Morales as he’s been cleared to resume some more baseball activites. I’m rooting for Morales because his bat in more dynamic than the other DH options and a healthy return could lead to a Bobby Abreu trade. Of course, I have a strict “I’ll believe it when I see it” policy regarding Morales.

Morales’ freak injury is going on two seasons now proving the old idiom “No walk-off gramdslam goes unpunished.” That’s a thing, right?