A.J.Burnett Won’t Waive His No Trade For The Angels

By MJ Lloyd

The Yankees wouldn’t mind trading A.J. Burnett and part of the $33 million owed to him over the next two years. The Angels appeared to have kicked the tires and might have even made an offer. Ken Rosenthal speculated that a deal involving Bobby Abreu would make sense. But Burnett has a limited no trade clause and Mrs. Burnett is an east coast lady who does not enjoy the flying. So the Angels are a no go but the Yanks gave it a shot according to Andrew Marchand…

Burnett is well known for his erraticism and the past two seasons of an ERA over 5.00 so most Angels fans are probably quick to happily dismiss these rumors. Perhaps I should be too but there is something tantalizing about Burnett’s occasionally impressive strikeout rate. PECOTA has Burnett pegged for a 4.62 ERA, 1.42 WHIP and a 1.1 WARP for 2012. The 8.4 K/9 sure is pretty though.

It appears that the Yankees are just haggling over the money it will take to ship Burnett to Pittsburgh so this is a non-story for the Angels anyway. It does give me the opportunity to share a text message discussion I had with my Off Base Percentage writing partner, Yankees fan, Angels and A.J. Burnett hater, Derwood Morris.

Me: The Angels showed interest in AJ but he won’t waive his no trade to go there. How happy would that have made you?

Derwood: He could move into the apartment above me and i wouldn’t care, as long as he wasn’t on the yankees anymore

Me: I don’t know. He strikes me as a stomper

Derwood: I stand by my earlier statement

Me: Fair enough. But sticking him to the Angels would have to give you some sick pleasure

Derwood: He’d probably do well, then i’d be on trial for the murder of mike scioscia

Me: That sounds about right

Thanks to that no trade clause, Scioscia is safe. I’m pretty sure Derwood isn’t even allowed in California anymore after his incident with Tim Salmon.