What To Do With Bobby Abreu

By MJ Lloyd

Cut him.

Look, this situation isn’t getting better for anyone involved. Bobby Abreu is saying all the wrong things and backing it up with a miserable spring. At some point, enough has to be enough. With Kendrys Morales looking better every day and Mark Trumbo needing some PA’s, Abreu doesn’t have anything more than a bench spot on this Angels roster. After dropping a routine fly ball in Monday’s game against the Rockies, Abreu cemented his position as a DH-only-guy. See what I did there? Cement? Because he can’t move back on the ball in the outfield? *taps microphone*

Well, it turns out the 38-year-old is spending more time walking to closed door meetings than to first base. Abreu was summoned to the manager’s office after expressing his concerns about not getting the 400 plate appearances (he doesn’t deserve) that Mike Scioscia promised him…

"“I’ve learned not to have much confidence in these people but I hope they live up to what they told me,” Abreu is quoted (in Spanish) at www.LiderenDeportes.com. “How long am I going to have to continue proving to people what I am and what I’m able to do? At times it’s like the work one does doesn’t get appreciated. But here I am and we’ll continue to fight.”"

If referring to your bosses as “these people” isn’t one of the final nails in the coffin, I don’t know what is. The Angels gave Abreu enough at bats in 2011 to let his $9 million option vest. Charity? Seems like it. Abreu hit .225/.276/.391 in August and September last season. It’s pretty hard to appreciate that work unless you’re Jeff Mathis. Zing!

At this point, I’m not sure the Angels could even get a minor league filler body or a Sam’s Club box of Big League Chew for Abreu if they covered 95% of the contract. Abreu wants out and the Angels aren’t going to play him. I don’t care what Jerry Dipoto does or doesn’t say

"“I’m not going to comment,” Dipoto said when asked about the nature of the latest meeting. “I told you guys the day Bobby reported I’m not going to do anything to make this a public spat. Bobby understands the situation. We’ll leave it at that.”"

That’s not exactly a ringing endorsement. Bobby, you had a nice run. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Don’t spend that free $9 mil in one place either.