The Baseball Show: Season Preview

By MJ Lloyd

On Tuesday night, the boys (Clint Evans – Diamond Hoggers, Mike Rosenbaum – Bleacher Report, The Golden Sombrero) and I did a last minute, special edition of The Baseball Show to preview the 2012 season. Somehow, I managed to not talk about Pedro Feliz. *nods, tips top hat* But we did cover a lot of ground for the upcoming year:

-Joey Votto gots paid, yall. Is it a good idea to give 20% of your payroll to a first baseman?
-Matt Cain is your highest paid right-handed pitcher.
-ESPN’s Top 500, led by a certain Angels first baseman.
-All of the division standing predictions you can handle.
-Playoff predictions. All three of us agreed on the World Series Champ.
-Award winners.
-The odds for the managers on the hot seat. Scioscia made Vegas’ top 10 in trouble.
-Mike brings up Reliever of the Year, Comeback player and more.

It’s a good time as always. Listen below or go on the iTunes scavenger hunt…