Torii Hunter’s Big Afternoon With The Cops

By MJ Lloyd

While it wasn’t exactly being chased through the methlands of Florida or Ohio, Torii Hunter starred in his own episode of Cops in Orange County Wednesday afternoon. If you cue up Inner Circle and read Hunter’s tweets, it’s just like you’re watching Fox at 11 am instead of having a job. So crack a beer and light up a Pall Mall, it’s showtime…

Kind of an anticlimactic ending if you ask me. I’m kidding, of course, and glad Hunter is okay. But it begs the question, how much of an Angels fan was that cop anyway? He didn’t recognize Torii Hunter in Anaheim?

Hunter took the event in stride and thanked the police force even though he might have exaggerated a little bit…

And that concludes another episode of Twitter story time. Oh Twitter, I don’t remember what we did without you.