Series Review: Royals Pain (Sorry)

By MJ Lloyd

Well that certainly wasn’t the Disney ending to the opening series Angels fans were expecting. After the dominant Jered Weaver start Friday night, the Angels pitching didn’t live up to its hype in games two and three. Dan Haren gave up five earned on 11 hits in 5.1 innings on Saturday. Ervin Santana follow suit on Sunday surrendering five earned runs (six total) on seven hits in 5.2 innings. Royals future MVP, Eric Hosmer, homered in each win.

Luke Hochevar and Jonathan Sanchez weren’t brilliant but they were good enough to stifle the Angels lineup for wins. Obviously, it’s a small sample size so I won’t break out my “jump to conclusions” mat just yet. But Vernon Wells is hitting .154/.154/.385 with four strikeouts. One of his two hits was a home run which probably gives him a little more length on that leash. It does look like there is a leash on him though.

Wells will sit Monday in favor of Bobby Abreu. *cough*MikeTrout*cough* Excuse me. I can’t seem to shake this case of troutchitis.

The good news is that Kendrys Morales looks good and healthy (he did strikeout three times on Sunday) and Albert Pujols is still Pujols. SSS aside, Howie Kendrick looks locked in and is raking a .417/.462/.583 line. He might best his 2011 career year this season.

It’s unfortunate that the Pujols era got off to a 1-2 start but it’s a long season. And the Royals aren’t the doormats they used to be. The Twins on the other hand…