Peter Bourjos: Fast Man or Fastest Man?

By MJ Lloyd

The Angels somehow managed to give the Twins their first win of the 2012 season Wednesday night. With Cy Young runner-up Jered Weaver on the bump. But it was the speedy center fielder, Peter Bourjos, who is going to win the highlight reel for the night. Bourjos hit a ball off of the left field wall/Josh Willingham and changed gears after rounding first for the 3-run inside-the-park-homer.

This just in: Peter Bourjos is fast. MLB won’t let me embed the video (Thanks, Bud!) but you can watch it here. He would have lapped me twice by the time I had to lay down and take a nap at second base.

Reports from the Fox Sports truck clocked Bourjos’ home to home time at 14 seconds. The only thing I’ve been able to do in 14 seconds lately was watch Bourjos round the bases. Unless you count the other day when I found my keys in my pants pocket. The talented Larry Granillo of Wezen Ball and Baseball Prospectus fame had the Tater Track counter on him at 14.26 seconds.

I don’t see a point in quibbling over those .26 seconds, though my girlfriend might disagree. Bourjos is a fast human being. We’ll probably never get to see the Bourjos vs Mike Trout race even though I think people would pay to see it.

As impressive as Bourjos and Trout are at moving their legs, we might not have even seen the best yet at the Major League level. Reds’ short stop prospect Billy Hamilton might have 90 speed on the 20-80 scouting scale. It’s a fun time to be a fan of watching people run. For once, I’m not talking about old episodes of Cops or Maury’s pregnancy test shows.