Has Mike Scioscia Lost His Mind? And The Wednesday Links

By Unknown author

If you are anything like me you watched in horror as Mike Scioscia trotted out yet another lineup card without the name Trumbo scribbled anywhere on it before last nights ball game. Trumbo who has been the team’s most productive hitter through their awkward beginning has received a disturbingly low sixteen at bats to date.  While Trumbo’s three errors so far at third base are the likely culprit for diminished playing time , it would be cool for Sosh to show a little faith in his emerging slugger.

You know the same kind of faith Scioscia has blindly thrust upon Kevin Jepsen. Despite previous failures including starting the bullpen debacle in Minnesota  –  Jepsen was  summoned in the 8th inning last night to protect a one run lead. Needless to say the lead was blown and again if you are anything like me you were left wondering why Scott Downs was not out for the 8th inning after throwing only four pitches to get the Angels out of a mini jam in the 7th?

The Bottom Line is that  Scioscia and his constant lineup juggling and mis management of the bull pen deserve the same amount of WTF faces as the players poor performances.

Onto the Wednesday Links: