Mike Scioscia Hits Groundouts During BP (Video)

By MJ Lloyd

Perhaps in an attempt to “win back” his club, Mike Scioscia took batting practice before Friday’s game against the Mariners.

The Angels skipper has fallen under some scrutiny after a slow start but I don’t think he’s on the hot seat. Some say maybe he’s “lost” the team or there isn’t good chemistry in the clubhouse. Or maybe they changed their vendors from Coke to Pepsi and use new laundry detergent. I don’t know but Scioscia grabbed a bat, put a smile on his face and smacked some weak grounders down the first base line.

That looked like the Kool-Aid Man taking hacks at the local batting cage. Scioscia used to play Major League Baseball, right? Scioscia, a career .259/.344/.356 hitter, looks more equipped now to pump the keg at a beer league softball game than hit cleanup.

But, in the spirit of keeping things loose, I’m glad the Halos manager took some swings with the boys. Maybe Erick Aybar will feel better about his swing now.