Mark Trumbo Makes His Case For Home Run Derby

By MJ Lloyd

Mark Trumbo finished second in the AL Rookie of the Year voting in 2011 thanks to his 29 home runs. His .291 On Base Percentage had many, including yours truly, questioning his ability to be a Major League hitter. All he’s done this year is make me look like a fool, which isn’t that hard to do. Trumbo is actually taking pitches this season and he’s seen a drastic improvement in his slash line, a gaudy .337/.384/.634 compared to his .254/.291/.477 2011 campaign. Small sample size rules apply and I doubt he hits over .330 for the season but, so far, Trumbo is a monster.

And the balls are still flying out of the park as evidence of his first multi-homer game Tuesday night. Trumbo hit two home runs to center field while going 4-4 at the plate. The marine layer had nothing on Trumbo as both shots were no-doubters. Trumbo and rookie sensation/object of my affection Mike Trout have been the Angels best players this season.

Trumbo, and hopefully both, should make the All Star Game. Trumbo’s 1.8 fWAR (Fangraphs wins above replacement) would make him the second most valuable first baseman (Paul Konerko), seventh best outfielder (Josh Hamilton, Adam Jones, some other dudes), second DH (Konerko again) or tied for second at third (with Kyle Seager, behind Mike Moustakas). But more importantly, Trumbo needs to be in the Home Run Derby.

The Angels family on Twitter has been championing his cause, nay, duty, to crush balls in and out of Kansas City this July. While Trumbo is only tied for ninth in the AL in home runs with 12, he’s exactly the type of guy you want in the Derby. He has the light tower power and would probably be ecstatic to participate.

He certainly set out to impress Tuesday when MLB announced Robinson Cano, the 2011 Home Run Derby champ, would be the AL Team Captain for the Derby. Cano will pick the AL team and Trumbo fans got some help from inside the Fan Cave. Cave dweller, Angels fan/blogger and facial hair supporter, Ricardo Marquez (@iBlogBetter), tried to get Cano’s verbal commitment to select Trumbo…

I have a good feeling about this. Ricky got the belly rub of approval. But our work isn’t done just yet. Hit the Twitter and let everyone know to #VoteTrumbo for #HRDerby.