Mike Trout Isn’t Real

By MJ Lloyd

I have this theory that Mike Trout is just an urban legend. And I’ll wake up one morning to find out he never existed. Until that morning, I’ll continue to write word after word about him because he really doesn’t leave me with any other option.

The Angels were down early against the Dodgers after a couple more troubling Dan Haren innings. Apparently, with Trout in your lineup, you can afford to get down 5-0. Trout hit the go-ahead two-run home run in the fourth inning. He walked and scored in the sixth of the way to a 8-5 Halo victory.

The 1-3, HR, 2BB game helped Trout jump Josh Hamilton for the AL lead in fWAR (Fangraphs wins above replacement). It’s a slight lead (3.6 to 3.5) but technically, according to Fangraphs and my living room, Trout is the most valuable position player in the American League this season despite spending the first month of the year in Triple-A.

The 20-year-old phenom has a way to go before he reaches Rickey Henderson status, though. Not only does he not speak in the third person yet but he doesn’t even like talking about his success. Trout talks in cliches and deflects praise to other teammates. Don’t believe me? He said nice things about Bobby Wilson

"“I was just trying to be aggressive,” Trout said. “I got a pitch I could hit and I put a good swing on it. We were all having big at-bats. Bobby coming up with that squeeze was big, and Aybar getting that triple. Dan had a rough first two innings, but after that he settled in and gave us a chance. So getting those runs for him was big.”"

I couldn’t be a bigger Mike Trout fan. He might be the next Willie Mays. He’s must see TV. Every night. Sure, he could wear the high socks but I feel like I’m kind of nitpicking on that one.

Enjoy it while it lasts. I’m afraid one morning we’re all going to wake up and realize Vernon Wells is on the Angels and Mike Trout was a mirage. And that wasn’t Kate Upton washing our car in a wet t-shirt.