The Catch Featuring Mike Trout

By MJ Lloyd

After flipping through a dictionary, I could not find any words to describe the catch Mike Trout made on Wednesday night. The closest I can think of is OMG!!!!!!.

Trout wasted no time in adding to his legend against the Orioles. In the first inning, J.J. Hardy hit a bomb to deep center. Jered Weaver spun around to watch it leave the park. Trout raced back to the wall and took flight. Somehow, he reached over the wall to make the seemingly impossible catch. The way I’ll tell it to my kids is that he jumped eight feet over the wall and then I’ll make then listen to old Wu-Tang Clan CD’s.

Of course, Trout was grinning like the kid he is after making the catch and was immediately congratulated by Torii Hunter. It was the catch of the year if not the best since Hunter robbed Barry Bonds in the 2002 All Star Game. And it might top that. I must have watched the replay of that 50 times and it’s still hard to believe he made that play.

He also went 4-6 and scored three runs and is now hitting .344/.402/.532 for his rookie and age 20 season. Those aren’t normal numbers. Ted Williams hit .327/.436/.609 as a 20-year-old rookie. Only six players have hit .300/.400/.500 in their first season (Albert Pujols is another).

The often modest Trout at least admitted it was a special play

"“It’s always special to have your friends and family here watching, and when you do something special like that, it’s just a special feeling inside,” Mike added. “They came here to see some stuff, and sometimes you try to do some little things extra and you get lucky. I just had a chance to rob a home run and robbed it.”"

I’m not saying Trout needs to be tested for PED’s but I’d like to know if he has human DNA. Jeff Trout might have found him in a cornfield after he was rocketed to Earth before his planet’s destruction.

Yeah, try to stop watching this…