Mike Trout, Mike Trout, Mike Trout

By MJ Lloyd

I give up. It’s officially impossible to not write about Mike Trout everyday. If you host a podcast or write for a blog or even the mainstream media and you’re not discussing Trout, you’re doing it wrong. The 20-year-old phenom refuses to slow down. Spiderman like catches over the wall, blatant thievery on the basepath or the long ball, he’s doing something worth watching every game.

In Wednesday’s 9-7 win over the Blue Jays, Trout hit his eighth home run of the season off of Brett Cecil in the sixth inning. Mike Trout is better at baseball than you. I’m talking to you, American League. The 2012 AL Rookie of the Year refuses to relent on his MVP candidacy. His 3.9 fWAR (Fangraphs wins above replacement) is tied with Robinson Cano for the AL lead.

Bryce Harper received the majority of the hype and attention when he and Trout were promoted to the majors for good on the same day. Trout even hid in Harper’s shadow while outproducing him for the first month or so. But those days are over. Trout will make the All Star Game. Trout will win awards at the end of the year. Trout will not take my phone calls.

The two young rookies inspired ESPN’s Jayson Stark too wonder if they can rival the Mickey Mantle/Willie Mays tandem. I don’t think it’s fair to compare Trout to Mantle or Mays. Trout is clearly the perfect combination of the both of them.

Trout has 41 hits, 11 extra base hits and 13 stolen bases in June. The only other AL rookies to have 40+ hits, 10+ extra base hits and 10+ steals in a month are Joe Jackson and Ichiro (thanks Steve Berthiaume via Elias!). Those guys ended up being pretty okay baseball players.

Many people thought the Angels would be a must watch team in 2012 after signing Albert Pujols. And the Angels are a must watch team, because of Mike Trout. I can’t wait to see why I have to write about him tomorrow.