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Four for KC


The American League All-Star team is going to have four Angels in Mark Trumbo, Mike Trout, Jered Weaver and C.J. Wilson.  That’s the most Angel all-stars since 1995.  There is a slim to none chance that Ernesto Frieri can make it five Halos if he beats out Yu Darvish and the country of Japan for the fan vote.  That would be the most Angel all-stars since 1983.

And segue. This being my inaugural post here on Halo Hangout, I’d like introduce myself very briefly and add why I’ve been an Angel fan for 30 years. I moved from the Midwest to Orange County as a kid in 1981 and in 1982 my dad bought us ¼ season tickets. My father was a Yankee fan since he was a kid, my brother a Cubs fan and at 12 years old my allegiance was closest to the Red Sox as I loved Fred Lynn and Jim Rice. But in 1982 Anaheim I got watch Lynn live, see Reggie murder balls and learn that you could run through walls if your name was Brian Downing. It didn’t take long for me to scrap those previous superficial ties and strap myself to the Angels bandwagon for life.

That team was always my favorite Angel team, probably due most to storming the field with hundreds of others when they clinched the West. It was not only legal then, it was borderline encouraged. But in this small sample size, the 2012 Angels are creeping up the list. It’s as if this team is all youth and veterans, not much in between. I could write 1,000 words on Trumbo, twice that on Trout but what isn’t seen often is the effect they are having on Torii Hunter and now Pujols. You can always find a smile on Torii’s face but he seems to enjoy the kids playing out of their mind more than anyone. Remember he spoke to Mike Scioscia and volunteered his spot so Trumbo could stay in the lineup. And with Pujols, people stopped talking about his horrid start when Trout came up and lit the world on fire. Since then, he’s crawled back to respectability.

It should be fun trying rally this second half to catch and pass the Rangers and I look forward to delving into this further as the season moves on. Lastly,  I pray to the baseball gods that Trumbo doesn’t ruin his swing in the Home Run Derby next week.