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Wilson and Weaver and Pray For Fever.


Yeesh! In spite of last night’s come back, the Angels have a little hitch in their giddy-up heading into the break. With Dan Haren going on the DL after getting roughed up his last four starts, Ervin Santana perfecting long ball pitching and Garrett Richards losing his luster in a blink of an eye (and his position as he was demoted to AAA after the game). Three Angels starters are really struggling. There are sounds that Jerome Williams will be back soon from his health scare but that doesn’t fix anything either. The question is, with the July 31 trade deadline looming, what pitchers should they be eyeing if this becomes more of a trend?

Most of the trade bait rumors around the league have focused on Zach Greinke and Cole Hamels, two players that are probably not feasible without giving up unforgivables. So who else? While none of the following are lighting up the league, these three have shown flashes of success in the past and are readily available.

The Cubs Matt Garza (4-6 4.01 ERA) has a “For Sale” sign around his neck every time he pitches and for could be brought to Anaheim for Peter Bourjos (Shocking!) and a few prospects. Garza isn’t cheap, but isn’t tied down either with  his $9 million/1 year contract up after this year

Same could be said for Ricky Nolasco (7-6 4.52 ERA) of the Marlins. Nolasco was on the rumor wire with Marlins slow start, off it when they heated up and now back on with the Fish tanking again. Nolasco is a bit more of a commitment being in the second year of a 3 year/$26.5 million contract.

The best option maybe the in Oakland with old friend of the Halos and local buffet restaurants, Bartolo Colon (6-7 4.05 ERA). Colon’s numbers are almost identical to Garza and Nolosco this year, except he’d be cheaper in cost of prospects traded as well as cash as he’s on a 1 year/$2 million flyer that the A’s took on in the spring.

With three weeks left until the deadline ends, options are out there. Knowing the Angels they’ll be much more patient then most but every game outside their big two arms, this growing mess becomes more apparent.