Mike Trout Is Mike Trout At The All Star Game

By MJ Lloyd

Playing with and against the best players in baseball, future Hall of Famers, his childhood hero Derek Jeter. The All Star Game was just another day at the office for Mike Trout.

There weren’t many highlights for the American League squad during their 8-0 beatdown by the Senior Circuit but Trout was unfazed in his first ASG. Trout entered the game in the 6th inning as a defensive replacement for Josh Hamilton in left field. Trout led off the bottom of the 6th and was the first to face knuckleball sensation R.A. Dickey. Trout lined the second pitch he saw into center field for a single.

Then, as he does on occasion, Trout was off to the races. After two pitches to Mark Trumbo, Trout stole second against Dickey and Carlos Ruiz. It was the only stolen base of the game. I’m not entirely sure if it won us all a free Taco Bell taco. Is that not a promotion anymore? I miss pretend-meat.

Maybe more impressive was Trout’s second plate appearance in the bottom of the 8th. Facing fireballer Aroldis Chapman, Trout managed to lay off back to back 99 mph and 101 mph fastballs to draw a walk. Scary. Trout is carrying a .397 OBP on the season and it might be legit. Trout took second on fielder’s indifference.

Not too shabby for a 20-year-old making his ASG debut. Trout and fellow phenom Bryce Harper got some much deserved media attention during the summer classic. While Harper is destined for greatness, Trout is the one on a MVP pace during his rookie campaign. Even giving the league a roughly 20 game head start, Trout’s 4.8 fWAR (Fangraphs wins above replacement) trails only Joey Votto (5.0) and David Wright (4.9). He has also surpassed Barry Bonds as people my friends are sick of hearing me talk about.