Happy Birthday Troy Glaus

By MJ Lloyd

Dallas McPherson, Chone Figgins, Alberto Callaspo, Mark Trumbo, Brandon Wood, a traffic cone. The Angels haven’t had a solid third baseman since Troy Glaus departed after the 2004 season via free agency. The Diamondbacks, Blue Jays, Cardinals and Braves followed before retirement after the 2010 season. But Angels fans know he deserves at least a Fudgie the Whale and a Cookie Puss from Carvel because flags fly forever.

The third pick overall of the 1997 draft by the Angels turns 36 today. Glaus hit 350 home runs, including an AL leading 47 in 2000, before hobbling off in the sunset. In fact, 2000 was his peak season with his career high in homers, a .284/.404/.604 line and 7.5 rWAR, all also career marks.

Of course for Angels fans and likely Glaus himself, the highlight of his career came during the 2002 World Series. Glaus hit three home runs and mashed a .385/.467/.846 line to help the Angels win the title and himself the World Series MVP. And for that, let’s wish him a very happy birthday.

Time to break out the ice cream cake and bourbon. Hey, don’t knock until you’ve tried it.