C.J. Wilson Isn’t Worried About His Hand

By MJ Lloyd

C.J. Wilson left Monday night’s game after trying to barehand a ball hit by Lou Marson. Wilson was taken to the hospital for x-rays that proved to be negative. He has some bruising but doesn’t expect to miss a start. Wilson is not worried.

But I sure am. Not about the injury so much as Wilson in general. His velocity has been fine so I don’t think he’s hiding an injury but I’m not a scout or James Andrews either. Shocking, I know. Wilson has been a nightmare going into and coming out of the All Star break.

Over his 9 starts since July 1st, Wilson has a 5.04 ERA in 55.1 innings with 28 walks. Sure 15 of his 31 earned runs came on complete disasters (7 ER at Detroit on 7/18, 8 ER at Texas on 8/2) but he’s still only had two outings without allowing an earned run this season and the last one was June 2nd.

What was supposed to be the strength of this Halos squad, the starting pitching has been a disappointment outside of Jered Weaver who just lost his second game of the season. Zack Greinke is even 0-3 with a 5.68 ERA after coming over in the blockbuster trade. So despite Wilson’s struggles, the Angels can’t exactly afford to lose him to an injury. Especially considering the bullpen woes (I’ve been throwing simulated games with a wiffle ball for my audition).

Wilson thinks he’s going to be just fine, though, as evidence by this block quote

"“It got me in the hand,” Wilson said. “I went up to jump for it, and it hit me pretty much. If I got a little more around it, I might have caught it. We went to the hospital and checked it out, and they said it was just bruised and stuff. Maybe some blood vessels that have been busted or whatever. It’s just a little discolored, but the swelling’s already gone down and the grip strength’s fine.”"

Maybe a little discoloration will give him some deception and he can get a hitter or two out in his next start. What, too soon?