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Can Scioscia Survive Three Straight Seasons W/O Playoffs?


Mike Scioscia is not long for his Angel career, according to this post… follow along. There have been countless great coaches/managers that have gotten to the point where their previous words that inspired have grown to fall on deaf ears as they get comfortable in their routine. Both are true in the position the Angels are with in the situation with Scioscia. In the 13+ years that Scioscia has led the Halos he has arguably been outstanding, faithful and wise when everybody else was quick to judge.

He brought small ball to the American League. And in his third year he won the Angels their first World Championship. He was a guru, a manager that worked well behind closed doors and revealed little except his patience. He lived and died with his defensive approach and his love of advancement of runners. We all did. The Angels played a mix of the 1970’s Cardinals and the 1990’s A’s.  Aggressive in their approach and very few errors in between, seemed simple with a talented cast. Scioscia worked it like a maestro and accolades came.

If things hold true this year, the Angels will miss the playoffs for the third year in a row. And that includes the addition of a 2nd wildcard this year.  With Arte Moreno’s investment there’s no way that will cut it. Moreno made it clear that Jerry DiPoto is the new boss when Mickey Hatcher was let go despite a vehemently opposed Scioscia.

Many times, people ask if you’re going to fire someone you have to have an idea of a replacement. I could throw out many possibilities but they would all fall short of the credentials of Mike Scioscia. Twenty teams would gladly snap him up tomorrow. Unfortunately this scatoma has hit a team that has the best young individual talent in 50 years. A fresh voice is needed. I think it’s going to happen.