Angels Uniforms Ranked 13th

By MJ Lloyd

Uni Watch of ESPN released their MLB Power Rankings a few days ago and the Halos finished in the top half of the league. Coming in at 13 isn’t a bad ranking but it’s unclear if they took into consideration how good the number 27 looks on Mike Trout. Surprised it took me two sentences to mention Trout? Yeah, me too.

The Cardinals took the top spot and I can’t argue against that, it’s a sweet jersey. The Yankees came in at four which seemed a little low considering the iconic logo and how the rap community has adopted them as their official brand. Up the freeway and spend happy Angels rivals, el Dodgeros of Los Angeles, ranked sixth.

I think the Angels were punished for the use of the red jerseys and not using the sleeveless variety enough. And the Uni Watch folks did mention the disaster from the late 90’s.

Damn you, Disney’s art department. Stick to drawing mice. That was a mess.

Points had to be deducted from the current team just because those things existed. My personal favorite is the throwback uniforms with the lower case “a” and floating halo.

Perhaps, I’m just swayed by the number 27. While I generally like Angels logo and uni’s, they do strike me as middle of the pack than toward the top or bottom. But if you want to challenge my fashion sense, this might be my favorite looking jersey. Sure, it’s not an Angels jersey or the number 27 but…

Judge away.