Erick Aybar is Streaking

By Michael Hllywa

No, not that kind of streaking. Erick Aybar is having himself quite the August though at the plate. Aybar signed a four year $35M contract on April 19th of this year, and then proceeded to hit like Vernon Wells for two months. Aside from the gargantuan size of the lip chew he still had stuffed into his mouth, this looked nothing like the Erick Aybar we knew.

Our pint size, Gold Glove winning, never not smiling shortstop’s only claim to greatness those first couple of months was that he was outhitting Albert Pujols (along with just about every other Major Leaguer). In June he turned it on. Going into the All Star break with a .315/.354/.457 slash line for that month. He stumbled coming out of the break, but was still better than the start of the year. In late July he was placed on the Disabled List after fouling a ball off his foot. Since coming of the DL he has been a man on fire.

A .380/.405/.577 line is Troutian. And ditching a “toe-tap” load up mechanism at the start of his swing seems to be what the doctor ordered in getting Aybar right. What do you think Mr. Scioscia?

"“There are absolutely tangible things that he’s doing from the left side. It was a toe-tap rhythm he’d gotten into that really complicated some things,”"

That’s fascinating Mike. I can call you Mike right? Would you like to add anything else?

"“He was eventually able to smooth it out and now he’s much simpler, (has) a more compact swing from the left side.”"

Wonderful, thanks Mike.

I doubt that he can keep this up though. His season line currently sits at .279/.315/.407 and his career line is .276/.318.384. He’s pulled himself up to his career numbers with a crazy good month, but outside of 2009, Erick Aybar is simply not a .300 hitter.

I am, however, all for being proved wrong. I have come to accept the nutritious value that crow has to offer. So, by all means Mr. Aybar, keep hitting. Please keep hitting.

Mike Scioscia quotes from this article. Seriously, you didn’t think I actually got to talk to him did you?